About Nick


Nick was a wonderful son and brother! He loved his family and it showed in the way he treated everyone. He had special relationships with his parents, his brother Alex, his aunts and uncles, his grandparents, and cousins! Everyone loved Nick for their own reasons! He was a genuine person who loved everyone! We are all heartbroken and will miss him every day! We have our memories and use them to get through the days. We use his strength to inspire us.


Nick and Daria dated for two years and they very much in love. Daria was always Nick's priority and everyone he knew, knew Daria and how important she was to him. They spoke every day even though she was away at school. He would sit by himself at lunch in school just so he could facetime with her! They truly had a special love and were both luck to have enjoyed each other for the short time they had together. A saying Nick had in his room was "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning." So true! 

Friend and Teammate

Everyone who knew Nick loved him. He was a great friend who people confided in and liked to talk to. He always made time for his friends and helped them with anything he could. He was the captain of the swim team and also played water polo at Douglas. He was a great competitor, but a better sportsman! He will be remembered by everyone he knew.

Our Officers and Board of Directors

President: Annika Dworet


VP: Mitchel Dworet


Secratary: Daria Chiarella


Tresurer: Joseph Chiarella

Board of Directors: Nicole Nilsson

Board of Directors: Kathy Searle

TS Aquatics Family


Swim4Nick was a product of Nick's swim club family TS Aquatics! Nick spent more time at the pool than home most weeks. As such his second family was the swim club. As a tribute the Nick they started the #swim4nick campaign. Swim4Nick is a symbol of their love for Nick and his family! We thank them for their love and support! 

Usefull Links and Information

Nick Nicholas Dworet swimmer

Need swimming lessons?

Part of our mission is to make sure everyone has the experience/opportunity that Nick did with the sport. If your child needs swimming lessons you can contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our swim instructors partners to get you lessons at no cost! Send your information to nicholasdworetfund@gmail.com 

Our Charity Status

We are a 501c(3) charitable tax exempt organization. Your DONATIONS should be tax deductible. Consult your accountant for more information. All donations are NON-REFUNDABLE! Contact us for our EIN or IRS certificate if needed. Click HERE for IRS website link.

Swim4Nick Events

We plan on having several Swim4Nick swim clinics every year. All school aged children are welcome. These clinics are intended to help swimmers improve their strokes. These are not swimming lessons. They are designed for swimmers who have some experience. For swim lesson information email us and we will be happy to provide information on how to get FREE lessons.

Where do your donations go?

All donations are used to help us conduct our Swim4Nick events, provide college scholarships to swimmers at Douglas HS and TS Aquatics. None of the officers or directors are paid a salary of any kind.